Le nostre cabine possono essere accessoriate con i seguenti accessori

  • Cap with vent: made in polypropylene with dimensions of 2″
  • Fixing straps: made of nylon with dimensions of 4500 x 25 mm
  • Threaded PP union: made of propylene with dimensions of H 200 x 2″
  • Threaded union: made in iron with dimensions of H 200 x 2″
  • Float H 190 mm: made in propylene with 6-hole flange with dimensions of H 190
  • Draft: done in brass with dimensions of 190 x 3/8 “
  • Rear porthole: made in Plexiglas with dimensions on drawing



Kit completo di riempimento serbatoio dall’esterno

Soundproofing canopies division

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