A canopy with a new design. Ideal for use as a rental solution or stationary unit.

Differs in the use of recycled soundproofing materials. 50 mm panel thickness and 2 mm material thickness.

The EcoB is a silent and eco-friendly alternative for use with your gen-sets.

Unlike the Series 3 or the Series 7, the EcoB uses ECO FIBRE soundproofing material: this is totally fireproof, does not rot, and remains stable over time so it will never disintegrate, unlike mineral wool.

Eco fibre is a product made from recycled PET bottles, so it is eco-friendly, recycled, and in turn can be recycled itself. It is non-toxic and non-allergenic, resistant to mould and bacteria.

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    Model KVA
    B110 70-110
    B200 120-200
    B200-GL 120-200
    B300 220-350
    B300-AGL 220-350
    B550-P1 350-475
    B550-GL-P1 350-475
    B550-P2 475-640
    B550-GL-P2 475-640
    B800 660-800

    Soundproofing canopies division

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