Series 3 is synonymous of quality. For every design model within the high quality range of products from our canopy division, we offer obsessive attention to detail, long-lasting and durable products as well as fantastic acoustic soundproofing.

The premium canopy in terms of quality and soundproofing capacity with powers up to 660kVA. It differs to other products for its sturdy build which makes it ideal as a rental unit.

65 dBA soundproofing capability at 7 metres. 60mm panel thickness and 1.50mm sheet metal thickness

All of our soundproofing canopies come with an exhaust silencer included in the price.



KWA Model
20-30 3055.N
30-60 3055.A
60-150 3155.N
60-150 3155.A
150-220 3205.N
150-220 3205.A
230-340 3355.N
340-490 3355.N
340-500 3555.N
500-600 3555.N


Soundproofing canopies division

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