This product range is the perfect compromise between good quality and affordable prices.
We use the best materials, the same as the ones used in our Apollo range, however using 3 cm thick panels.

Main features
Its one-piece structure made out of shiny galvanised sheet metal and a thickness of 10/10 allows it to reduce noise to 70 dBA at a distance of 3 to 7 metres out in the open.
Its insulation is made using a fire-resistant material, class “0” mineral wool or ecofiber.
Its locking inserts have been perfectly adjusted and prearranged in order to speed up assembly times.
Its gaskets are like the ones found in cars to ensure the best soundproofing and protection against the elements.
You can access the canopies via side and back doors for carrying out repairs and inspections.
The casing can be lifted using appropriately positioned and sized eyebolts.

Exhaust silencers
Residential silencers are positioned inside the casing.
High level of noise reduction equal to 26-28 dBA.

Suction through either one or two lateral grids, depending on the model.
Expulsion through an appropriately designed and tested septum.

Carried out by applying an epoxy bottom layer, followed by a layer of polyurethane paint.
Available in an RAL 7035 standard textured finish.


KWA Model
0-20 3020.N
20-80 7080.N
80-140 7140.N
140-230 7230.N


Soundproofing canopies division

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